What is Sync?

Sync.com is a cloud service that makes it easy for users to access and share their files from virtually any computer, phone, or mobile device – without giving up their right to privacy. Sync.com makes it easy to keep your files safe, secure and 100% private.

What is Sync?
Figure: Sync

Once a user has created an account and installed the app, files and folders added to Sync get backed up to the cloud, and instantly synced to all their connected devices. Users can also share their files and folders, making Sync perfect for collaborating with teams, or sharing files with clients and customers.

Figure: Sync File Sharing

Most importantly, Sync has been designed from the ground up to protect user privacy. Sync’s unique cloud storage platform and apps have end-to-end encryption built-in, which protects files added to Sync from unauthorized access. And Sync does not collect or sell user data or usage information to advertisers or other third-parties. This makes Sync an ideal solution for storing and sharing confidential files and sensitive data.

“Most cloud storage providers differ from Sync because they can access, scan and read your files. Sync’s zero-knowledge storage platform ensures only you can access your data. We can’t read your files – your privacy guaranteed. We believe in a world where your content should be safely kept, always available, and absolutely private. Visit Sync.com today to get 5 GB of secure cloud storage absolutely free”, as per Sync.

Why Sync?

  • Protect your stuff: ideas, wok, and files.
  • Only you can access your files. Sync is an end-to-end encrypted storage platform, even sync can’t read your files.
  • Ease of use.
  • Access data from Everywhere or every device.
  • You can start it using Free to some extent.

The sync could be the next alternative of Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Other storage systems.

Source: Sync.com

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