vSAN health alarm ‘vSAN release catalog up-to-date’

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Today We’ll discuss the vSAN error message “vSAN health alarm ‘vSAN release catalog up-to-date’” and the process to remediate it. This is vSAN Health Service – vSAN Build Recommendation related alarm which can be seen at the vSAN cluster console.

The vSAN release catalog maintains information about available releases, preferred order for releases, and critical patches needed for each release. The vSAN release catalog is hosted on the VMware Cloud that can be downloaded from here. You need to save this file later it needs to be exported to the vSAN Cluster.

VMware vSAN release catalog provides critical information to vSAN build recommendation engine. It will be updated when there are new releases or critical patches. It is important to keep the local copy up-to-date.

This check is to ensure that the local copy of the vSAN release catalog is up-to-date. There is a threshold of 90 or 180 days to check the same.


In the vSphere Client, follow below steps:

  1. Under Cluster, Click on Monitor.
  2. Then under vSAN, Click On Health or Skyline Health
  3. Now click vSAN Build Recommendation to expand vSAN Release catalog up-to-date tab.
  4. Under vSAN Release Catalog info you will see the current time and Local release DB copy last updated time. The time should be the same and the current one if not. you’ll need to update it.
  5. Now Click on Update From File with the file you have downloaded earlier.

Similiarly, Cluster > Monitor > vSAN > Skyline Health/Health > vSAN Build Recommendation > vSAN Release catalog up-to-date click the Update From File in the VSAN Release Catalog info.

vSAN health alarm 'vSAN release catalog up-to-date'
vSAN health alarm ‘vSAN release catalog up-to-date’

6. Once you have updated it, will see that the alert has gone from the vSAN Cluster.

vSAN health alarm 'vSAN release catalog up-to-date' - Green
vSAN health alarm ‘vSAN release catalog up-to-date’ – Green

This way you’ll be able to fix the issue of vSAN health alarm ‘vSAN release catalog up-to-date’.

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