VMware Host Battery Status Warning

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I’ll let you know about the VMware vCenter alarm ‘Host Battery Status’ displayed on an ESXi host. Sometimes that alarm is triggered but it always moves back to green after a while. You may ignore this host battery status warning message but if it persists for a long time, you really need to check the following things:

You need to check, Monitor -> Hardware Status -> Sensor -> Battery and expand the battery tab to see the detailed information about the faulty battery.

Host Battery Status
Host Battery Status

To get the firmware version of this system and the model number of the ROMB Battery or CMOS Battery, you need to check on iLO/IMM/iDRAC page of the ESXi host according to your hardware vendor. Collect the required information to troubleshoot it further.

Solution For Host Battery Status

You need to replace the failed battery with the new one and with the help of your data center operation team. Also, it may require to update the firmware of the ESXi and upgrade the ESXi to the latest version.

If this is not a Hardware issue and firmware along with the ESXi version are updated, You need to reset the event log to fix it.

How to reset the event log?

  • Clear the BIOS Hardware Logs by using iLO/IMM/iDRAC.
  • Navigate to ESXi on vSphere Web Client.
  • Under the Monitor tab, Navigate to Hardware Status -> System Event Log -> Reset event log
  • Under the Sensor tab, Click Update and Reset sensors.
  • Restart the ESXi host, if required.

Alternatively, You can use a command-line tool to reset it all. Just follow below steps:

  • Connect to the ESXi host using an SSH session via putty.
  • Run the following command in the ESXi shell:
/etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog restart

Again from the vSphere Client, select the ESXi host and click the Hardware Status tab and click Update in the Alerts and Warnings view under the triggered warning.

That will definitely fix the problem with the ESXi host.

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