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VMware provides an extensive range of hands-on labs(HOL) for the users. You just have to go to the VMware Hands-on Labs website and register yourself with your Gmail or corporate email address. It will help you to test drive VMware products in minutes. Hands-on Lab allows you to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware products with no installation required.

Try VMware Hands-on Labs(HOL)

VMware Hands-on Lab also provides Hands-on Labs – Content Catalog. The VMware Hands-on Labs – Content Catalog contains lab manuals in both HTML and PDF formats, some in multiple languages. You may access those lab manuals on below links:

Hands-on Labs – Content Catalog

VMware vSphere 7 Hands-on Labs are available for users to test and practice. VMware Hands-on Labs are managed and hosted lab environments where you can try VMware products with no installation or experience required.

They have lab manuals and guidance for each step by step. Anyone can go and learn this. If you are a beginner to VMware and Its associated technology then you should definitely go and practice on it. It will boost your performance in VMware technology. These labs are completely FREE to use and explore new things in it.

Recently launched VMware vSphere 7 hands-on labs are related to new features and new technology. These vSphere 7 Hands-on Labs have about three hours of brand new exercises and content to help users learn all about our new vSphere 7 release. VMware will soon release a hand-on lab on Kubernetes associated with vSphere 7. Kubernetes is a new feature introduced in vSphere 7 that will provide container services.

vSphere 7 Labs

The good news is VMware has launched a hand-on lab for VMware Cloud Foundation 4(VCF-4). VCF-4 is built on the top of vSphere 7. VCF is the base of software-defined data centers and use of VMware products on hybrid cloud. VCF has advanced tools such as vSphere 7, vSAN, vROPS, and NSX. We have got a lot from VMware and should utilize these.

VMware Cloud Foundation Hand-on Lab

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VMware Cloud Foundation Basic

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