VMware Fusion 12.1 on macOS 11 Big Sur

VMware Fusion 12.1 is now shipping in MacOS 11 Big Sur. VMware says that on the public release of macOS Big Sur, They have shipped an update to Fusion which addresses some compatibility issues, brings performance improvements, and even introduces some new features. VMware made an announcement on Twitter:

Source: Twitter

For starters, they’ve enabled Nested / VT-X support for Macs that don’t have ‘VMCS Shadowing’ hardware features. Users can once again deploy ESXi or Windows with VBS or Hyper-V (WSL) enabled, as well as other nested Hypervisors like VMware Workstation for Linux.

VMware has announced the support for Windows 10 20H2, Ubuntu 20.10, RHEL 8.3, and Fedora 33. A new feature of the Fusion health check is also introduced. That means When Fusion is running on macOS 10.15, the ‘Pipe Broken’ / ‘cannot connect to /dev/vmmon’ issue can be easily fixed with a click.

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Source: VMware Fusion Blog

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