VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 1c Release Notes

VMware ESXi 7.0 Update 1c Release Notes are important information to get in and out of the ESXi 7.0 Update 1c. Let’s see what is new and noticeable for you.

What is new in ESXi 7.0 U1c

  • ESXi 7.0 Update 1c supports vSphere Quick Boot on the following servers:
    • Cisco Systems Inc:
      • HX240C-M5SD
      • HXAF240C-M5SD
      • UCSC-C240-M5SD
    • Dell Inc:
      • PowerEdge C6420
      • PowerEdge C6525
      • PowerEdge FC640
      • PowerEdge M640
      • PowerEdge MX740c
      • PowerEdge MX840c
      • PowerEdge R540
      • PowerEdge R6515
      • PowerEdge R6525
      • PowerEdge R7515
      • PowerEdge R7525
      • PowerEdge R840
      • PowerEdge R930
      • PowerEdge R940
      • PowerEdge R940xa
    • HPE:
      • ProLiant DL385 Gen10
  • With ESXi 7.0 Update 1c, you can use the --remote-host-max-msg-len parameter to set the maximum length of syslog messages, to up to 16 KiB, before they must be split. By default, the ESXi syslog daemon (vmsyslogd), strictly adheres to the maximum message length of 1 KiB.
  • With ESXi 7.0 Update 1c, you can use the installer boot option systemMediaSize  to limit the size of system storage partitions on the boot media. If your system has a small footprint that does not require the maximum 138 GB system-storage size, you can limit it to a minimum of 33 GB.
  • ESXi 7.0 Update 1c addresses a denial of service vulnerability due to improper input validation in GuestInfo variables. A malicious actor with normal user privilege access to a virtual machine can cause failure in the virtual machine’s VMX process, leading to a denial of service condition. 
  • The SQLite database is updated to version 3.33.0.
  • The ESXi userworld OpenSSL library is updated to version openssl-1.0.2w.
  • The OpenSSH version is updated to 8.3p1.
  • The NTP daemon is updated to version ntp-4.2.8p15.
  • The ESXi userworld libcurl library is updated to version 7.72.0.
  • The following VMware Tools ISO images are bundled with ESXi 7.0 Update 1c:
    • windows.iso: VMware Tools 11.1.5 supports Windows 7 SP1 or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and later.
    • linux.iso: VMware Tools 10.3.22 ISO image for Linux OS with glibc 2.5 or later.
    • For other OS’s it can be downloaded separately.

Upgrade Issues

  • Upgrades to ESXi 7.x from 6.5x and 6.7.0 by using ESXCLI might fail due to a space limitation: Upgrades to ESXi 7.x from 6.5.x and 6.7.0 by using the esxcli software profile update or esxcli software profile install ESXCLI commands might fail, because the ESXi bootbank might be less than the size of the image profile. In the ESXi Shell or the PowerCLI shell, you see an error such as:
    The pending transaction requires 244 MB free space, however the maximum supported size is 239 MB.  
    Please refer to the log file for more details.

    The issue also occurs when you attempt an ESXi host upgrade by using the ESXCLI commands esxcli software vib update or esxcli software vib install.Workaround: You can perform the upgrade in two steps, by using the esxcli software profile update command to update ESXi hosts to ESXi 6.7 Update 1 or later, and then update to 7.0 Update 1c. Alternatively, you can run an upgrade by using an ISO image and the vSphere Lifecycle Manager.

To know more on this release visit the VMware Product documentation page here.

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