VMware Cloud Provider Program

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VMware offers a partnership to the different cloud service providers(CSPs) to run VMware’s Cloud services on their environment and further they can provide these services to their customers. This is known as VMware Cloud Provider Program.

VMware Cloud Provider Program offers VMware software-as-a-service to Cloud Service Provider. This suits companies that offer services like Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers,  Internet service providers (ISPs), and platform as a service (PaaS) providers. This program from VMware pushes limits to the service provider in a broader way and offers VMware’s Cloud offerings.

VMware has mainly three models for this as pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow, or monthly subscription basis. CSP’s now can offer hybrid cloud services that seamlessly extend the customer’s data center into the cloud using the same VMware products and tools, customers are using on-premises datacenters. It has large benefits for customers as well as service providers.

VMware also providing verified logo to their partners so that they also can do some marketing and grab attention of more customers. Although this program has few prerequisites which CSPs have to fulfill in order to get the partnership. For more details please visit VMware’s official documentation page.

With the help of this VMware’s program, Now It has major cloud service providers using VMware software-as-a-service.

VMware on Google Cloud

VMware on Microsoft Azure

VMware on AWS

VMware on IBM Cloud

VMware on Alibaba

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Reference : VMware Cloud Offerings

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