VMware-Based Cloud Technology on Alibaba Cloud

Recently in a blog post, Alibaba Group-backed Alibaba Cloud has announced the support of VMware on its cloud environment. With Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution, you can modernize their existing applications and build the new applications into the Alibaba Cloud.

As per data Initially, this service is available only in mainland China and the Hong Kong region. Using this service you can easily extend your on-premises infrastructures to the Alibaba Cloud without affecting your current network and security things in place. You can continue to use your current VMware tools to manage it such as vSphere, vCenter, SAN, and NSX on Alibaba Cloud without having any technical or migration issue. For supporting your business Alibaba Cloud and VMware have dedicated and certified professional engineers.

This partnership with VMware of Alibaba cloud would enable you to use a world-class virtualization computing platform. With this partnership of VMware to Alibaba, They would provide the best multi-hybrid cloud services with proven solutions.

Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution supports the same applications, networking, management, operations, and tools across both on-premises and off-premises environments. You can use the new service for a variety of use cases with direct support from Alibaba Cloud including critical application to cloud migration, data center extension, disaster recovery, and many more. See below what leaders are saying about this partnership-

“Our partnership with VMware demonstrates our unique value to collaborate and innovate with world-class partners leveraging our advanced cloud platform so that we can bring the most up-to-date products and solutions to our customers globally, Alibaba Cloud is confident that with VMware, we can create greater value for our customers.”

-Lancelot Guo, VP of Alibaba Group and GM of Ecosystem and Sales Operations, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence

“With the availability of this new service, VMware and Alibaba are providing customers seamless interoperability across private and public cloud environments using the same cloud infrastructure foundation customers in China use today in their data centers.”

-Bernard Kwok, President, Greater China Region for VMware

Alibaba Cloud provides industry-leading flexible, cost-effective, and secure solutions to its customers. Its services are available on both model, pay-as-you-go, and subscription-based. Alibaba Cloud’s major services include Elastic Compute Service(ECS), Storage, Relational Databases, Big Data Solution, AI, Machine Learning, and CDN.


VMware on Alibaba Cloud

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