VMware and Blue Medora TVS Acquisitions

VMware has an ongoing commitment to help its customers and partners transform their businesses. Through strategic acquisitions, they are expanding and enhancing their product lines to offer full suites of products that deliver a more dynamic, scalable, integrated, and efficient architecture. Going to the path VMware has acquired Blue Medora.

 VMware vRealize Operations provides predictive analytics, vRealize Operations helps IT run production operations hands-off and hassle-free with a unified operations platform. Blue Medora will provide integration solutions for vRealize Operations via management packs. They enable vRealize Operations to provide the following additional services-

  1. More visibility and insight into customers’ broad data center and hybrid cloud environments via interactive dashboards.
  2. Dynamic discovery of customers applications and infrastructure with ease of management
  3. Metrics data that is mapped, analyzed, and helps drives automation via a single, integrated view of customer environments.

This partnership is for a years and together they already have +400 mutual customers using the service. They are helping VMware to expand vRealize Operations’ self-driving management scope and support for packaged applications, middleware, data center infrastructure, and public clouds. The main product of Blue Medora is True Visibility Suits.


VMware on Blue Medora

Blue Medora

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