FIX – Windows User profile cannot be loaded

Today we will discuss the second cause “If you deleted a windows user profile accidentally”. If you are a system administrator then you are in the right place. It may happen that you have accidentally deleted a user profile and now that user is not able to log in and getting below error:

Problem Causes:

Corrupted User Profile
Accidentally Deleted User Profile By SysAdmin

While clearing some space from an old windows server, I accidentally deleted a user profile. Now the problem started, the user was not able to log in as his profile was deleted from the server and the server was unable to create a new profile of the user. I tried below things:

  1. Deleted temp Registry of that user profile, but still the same issue.
  2. Copied the user profile folder from another server’s “C:\Users\”, but of no use

The Solution:

Finally, after trying all possible options, as the last option, I added that user under Admin users explicitly on the server(Although he was already part of the security group which has admin rights) and VOILA! It worked, when the user tried to log in, windows created a new profile for him.

In my case, there was not any user sensitive data was on the server, there was only Outlook profile, which recovered easily after login. So be careful while working with user profiles. You can use this solution if you ran into the same issue.

Post your comments and let us know if you also faced the same issue !!

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