Unable To Take Snapshot Of The SCSI bus sharing disk Virtual Machines

If you are unable to take Snapshot of the SCSI bus sharing disk of a virtual machine, you should check out this article. We will cover all possible failure causes and their solutions.

Error Messages

  • Device ‘SCSI controller 1’ is a SCSI controller engaged in bus-sharing
  • Snapshot creation failed: Virtual machine is configured to use a device that prevents the snapshot operation: Device ” is a SCSI controller engaged in bus-sharing.

So what could be the possible causes for the above error messages? There could be many reasons. We will explain further.

VMware consolidated backup, data recovery, Microsoft clustering, snapshots, and raw device mapping(RDM) have their own circumstances and they all work around it. Let’s have look some major situations:

  • VMware Consolidated Backup requires the use of snapshots to create a backup
  • VMware Data Recovery requires the use of snapshots to create a backup
  • Snapshots are not supported on Physical mode Raw Device Mappings
  • Snapshots are not supported on disks connected to controllers configured for bus-sharing configuration

We can say that Microsoft Clustering requires bus-sharing and Virtual machines with a Raw Device Mapping in physical mode cannot be used be used in backup, snapshots, or consolidation.


We can take following steps to resolve this kind of issues.

With bus-sharing:

  • Use your backup application within the guest operating system.
  • If a virtual machine has any snapshot and preventing you to configure bus-sharing then first delete the snapshot.

Without bus-sharing:

  • If a virtual machine already has bus-sharing configured and you want to create snapshot then you must have to disable the bus-sharing.

This will fix your problem regarding snapshots. You may also refer the KB1006392 for more details.

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