The Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to VMware vSphere 7

Today We’ll discuss the Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to VMware vSphere 7 from the older versions. Customers today demand rapid delivery of innovative applications. To meet those demands, businesses must modernize the way they develop and manage
applications and the infrastructure on which they run.

Developer and IT teams need quick self-service access to infrastructure, simplified lifecycle management, built-in security, high performance, and tremendous

VMware vSphere 7
VMware vSphere 7

VMware vSphere 7 delivers on all these requirements, and when used as part of VMware Cloud Foundation, vSphere 7 also includes native support for Kubernetes.
That means you can manage your virtual machines and your Kubernetes containers from the same familiar vSphere platform. VMware calls vSphere 7 is one of the most important releases in over a decade.

The Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to VMware vSphere 7

  1. Take the fastest path to modern apps
  2. Secure audits and account management
  3. Tighten physical infrastructure security
  4. Run AI/ML workload demands in real-time
  5. Simplify software patching and hardware upgrades
  6. Reduce complexity and increase the scale
  7. Maximize performance and efficiency
  8. Get proactive support technology and services
  9. Realize flexibility to run any app on any cloud
  10. Build a solid HCI for modern applications

To explore it further in more details please refer the official blog of VMware here.

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