Advanced Cross vCenter Server vMotion Capability in vSphere 7 Update 1c

VMware has released vSphere 7 update 1c. It has features to do a cross vCenter migration of the virtual machine objects known as Advanced Cross vCenter Server vMotion (XVM). The detailed information can be seen below as taken from VMware’s blogpost. Overview The Advanced Cross vCenter Server vMotion (XVM) capability was one of the most … Read more

VMware vSphere 7.0 Configuration Limits or Maximum

In this article, I’ll discuss VMware vSphere 7.0 Configuration Limits/Maximum in detail. It will help you to understand the maximum limits of objects & capacity that can be used in vSphere 7. To check vSphere 7.0 Configuration Limits, you need to follow below steps: Browse the site: VMware Configuration Maximums This Configuration Maximums tool provides … Read more