Solution for Failed to connect virtual device ‘ethernet1’ in VMware

Failed To Connect Virtual Device 'Ethernet1'

Today we are going to discuss about the solution for ‘failed to connect virtual device ethernet1′ issue with Virtual machine in VMware vSphere console. This is very common issue with networking related. We will explained why this issue occurs. Situation and Causes When you try to connect the Network adapter to a virtual machine and … Read more

Step to Create a VMware vSphere Distributed And Standard Switches and Port Groups

Creating a VMware Virtual Distributed Switch & Virtual Distributed Port Groups How to Create a vSphere Distributed Switch and Port Group? Add a Distributed Port Group

In this article, we are going to learn to create VMware vSphere distributed and standard switches and port groups. These switches and port groups help in network traffic flow between the hypervisor and virtual machines and connect it with the network. There are two types of switches available in VMware vSphere. vSphere Standard Switch (vSS) … Read more