VMware Fusion 12.1 on macOS 11 Big Sur

VMware Fusion 12.1

VMware Fusion 12.1 is now shipping in MacOS 11 Big Sur. VMware says that on the public release of macOS Big Sur, They have shipped an update to Fusion which addresses some compatibility issues, brings performance improvements, and even introduces some new features. VMware made an announcement on Twitter: For starters, they’ve enabled Nested / VT-X … Read more

How To Check System Uptime in Both Windows and Linux Machine

In your day to day operation, you sometimes need to know about what is the uptime of your servers or computers. We will be guiding you to get the system uptime for both Windows and Linux machines. This will also help you to get the last boot time of your system. How to check uptime … Read more

All About VMware vSphere 7 Update 1

VMware vSphere 7 Update 1

It is very exciting for VMware administrators that this time they have got much more than expected ever from VMware in vSphere 7 Update 1. Recently VMware has announced VMware Cloud Foundation at Full Stack SDDC along with the VMware Tanzu in March of 2020. This time VMware has announced vSphere 7 Update 1 to … Read more

About VMware Skyline Health Diagnostic Tool

Recently VMware launched a new tool known as Skyline Health Diagnostic Tool. This tool will provide extensive range of support and recommendations by analyzing the logs. The skyline health diagnostic is purely based on logs analysis and recommendations. This tool will reduce the troubleshooting time as well as the downtime by providing instant overview of … Read more

VMware Partner of the Year Awards 2020 – VMware

VMware Awards 2020

The VMware Partner of the Year Awards honors a select group of VMware partners globally who have demonstrated outstanding results and innovation with the use of VMware products and solutions. This award is an acknowledgment of exceptional partner success and innovations. This recognition can increase your company’s new business opportunities, lead to a greater reputation … Read more

Google Cloud Launches Confidential Computing with Confidential VMs

Google Cloud Confidential VM

Recently Google held a virtual Google Cloud Next conference and launched Confidential computing with confidential VMs. Google cloud building such products to build trust with the customer to move their sensitive infrastructure to Google Cloud. It also ensures the security of their VMs and application in Google Cloud with end-to-end encryption. “At Google, we believe … Read more

Google Cloud Wins Contract Deal From Renault

Google Cloud Platform

The big news is coming from the Google Cloud newsroom. Google Cloud has won a major contract deal from Renault, a French-based car making company. Google will be providing it’s cloud services to Renault specifically in automation and robotics to improve the performance and production of the Company. Google Cloud will collect data from Renault … Read more

Top Acquisitions Of VMware in 2020


Today we are going to discuss Top acquisition of VMware in 2020. VMware has an ongoing commitment to help its customers as well as its partners. They called it strategic acquisition and working towards enhancing their product lines to offer full suites of products to deliver a unique and more dynamic solution to the customer. … Read more