Generating And sending HTML reports in Email through PowerShell

html report in PowerShell

Hi Everyone! Today we are back with an interesting PowerShell script which will first collect data, convert it to HTML, and then will send in the email. You can also say this an end-to-end automation that I implemented a few years ago to automate a time-consuming and tedious task. Let’s Start “Generating And Sending HTML … Read more

How To Effectively Use PowerShell Variables

PowerShell Automatic Variables

Variables are objects that can store data. In PowerShell, a variable name starts with a $ character. A variable can be given any name. It can contain a mix of letters, numbers, symbols, or spaces. The variable names in PowerShell are case insensitive. You can assign a value to a variable using the assignment (=) operator. … Read more

PowerShell Alias

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What is PowerShell Alias? Alias is an alternate name that can be created for any Windows PowerShell cmdlet. Windows PowerShell also has predefined built-in aliases for certain cmdlets. The following cmdlets are used to work with alias: Get-Alias New-Alias Set-Alias PowerShell Alias Cmdlets: Get-Alias Highlights: Returns a list of all Windows PowerShell aliases(Built-in and User-Defined). … Read more

PowerShell Parameters Explanations & Examples

powershell parameters

Welcome Back, Techies! If you are looking for some useful guide to PowerShell Parameters, then you are in the right place. Today we are going to explain PowerShell Parameters and its various types. Every cmdlet is associated with one or more parameter/s. Parameters offer a mechanism to allow a cmdlet to perform certain actions, hence … Read more

Transfer Files Between Windows & Linux Machine Using PowerShell

windows and linux become friends

It is not always that you will need to copy a file from Windows to Linux or vice versa. But at times when you are automating things or trying to achieve some copy functionality¬†using a script, it is good to have a utility to do that. Here is where pscp comes into play. Using pscp … Read more

Disable Clipboard Redirection Multiple Servers PowerShell

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Clipboard Redirection Applies to Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019. Clipboard redirection is the sharing of clipboard contents between a remote computer and client computer during a Remote Desktop session. You can use this setting to prevent users from redirecting Clipboard data to and from the remote computer and the local computer. … Read more