Solution for Failed to connect virtual device ‘ethernet1’ in VMware

Failed To Connect Virtual Device 'Ethernet1'

Today we are going to discuss about the solution for ‘failed to connect virtual device ethernet1′ issue with Virtual machine in VMware vSphere console. This is very common issue with networking related. We will explained why this issue occurs. Situation and Causes When you try to connect the Network adapter to a virtual machine and … Read more

7 Layers Of Network – OSI Model Explained

Today we will talk about Network Layers in a very simple language. These seven layers are logical representations of a network, which basically designed for troubleshooting network problems. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of these layers. Let’s Begin… 7. Application Layer The application layer directly interacts with User. You can … Read more

VMware Basic Networking

VMWare Basic Networking is an important part of VMware’s virtualized infrastructure. A network is a group of interconnected objects. They can send and receive data from and to each other if they are in the same network. A Network is a connection between two or more computers so that they can communicate with each other. … Read more