PowerShell Alias

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What is PowerShell Alias? Alias is an alternate name that can be created for any Windows PowerShell cmdlet. Windows PowerShell also has predefined built-in aliases for certain cmdlets. The following cmdlets are used to work with alias: Get-Alias New-Alias Set-Alias PowerShell Alias Cmdlets: Get-Alias Highlights: Returns a list of all Windows PowerShell aliases(Built-in and User-Defined). … Read more

How To Transfer Files and Folders From ‘Shared With Me’ to ‘My Drive’

how to transfer file from shared with me to my drive

In this article, we will show you How To Transfer Files And Folders From ‘Shared With Me’ To ‘My Drive’ in a very easy way. There would be many cases in which your friends, colleagues, or business partners may have shared files and folder in Google Drive with you. Those files are visible under the … Read more