Fix Windows cannot find the Microsoft license software terms

Hello Techies! We are back with the amazing content for our readers after a short break. Today we will discuss the common error some people get during Windows installation: Windows Cannot Find The Microsoft Software License Terms. If you also get this error, you might think that your ISO file is corrupted. But that not might be the reason for this error. Let’s go through some of the possible solutions for this error:

Hyper-V: Un-check the Dynamic Memory Option:

Un-check the Dynamic Memory Option
Un-check the Dynamic Memory Option

If you are getting this error while installing Windows OS on a Hyper-V VM, then the simple solution is just Un-check the Dynamic memory option in the VM settings. After unchecking the option, just try to install the O.S. it will go through without any error.

VMware Workstation: Install O.S. Later:

I will install the operating system later
I will install the operating system later

If you are using the VMware workstation and getting this error, then follow the below steps:

  1. Power-Off the VM
  2. Go to Create New VM wizard.
  3. While creating, instead of selecting an ISO image file, select “I will install Operating System Later”
  4. Rest all the options will be the same as VM creation.
  5. Before Power-On the New VM, mount the Windows ISO in the CD Drive.
  6. Power-On the VM
  7. Now you will not get any errors during installation.

VMware Workstation: Floppy Disk

Floppy Disk
Floppy Disk

If the above solutions didn’t work, then no need to create a new VM, just untick the Floppy disk [Do NOT “Connect at power on”] under VM -> Settings.

Physical Machine:

ejecting the CD/DVD
ejecting the CD/DVD

If you’re installing with a CD/DVD and you get the error, try ejecting the windows installation disk before clicking into the screen that gives you the message… then, after you pass that screen, put the CD/DVD back on and continue with the windows installation. It will work.

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