Solution for Failed to connect virtual device ‘ethernet1’ in VMware

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Today we are going to discuss about the solution for ‘failed to connect virtual device ethernet1′ issue with Virtual machine in VMware vSphere console. This is very common issue with networking related. We will explained why this issue occurs.

Situation and Causes

  • When you try to connect the Network adapter to a virtual machine and it fails with error message ‘failed to connect virtual device ethernet1’. It means your associated VLAN and the portgroup are not configured properly on to your host. You should check and configure if not.
  • At a time many number of virtual machine is being deployed such as during HA.
  • You may check for the logs on vmware.log and /var/log/hostd.log files for more details of error.


To fix this issue you may need to check whether the VLAN is trunked with the host or not. If no, request the same to your network team but if yes, check for the portgroup on your switches. Most probably you will not be able to find the portgroup so you need to create one and associate it with the relevant VLAN. Now you can try to connect the NIC to virtual machine. It should be successful.

Other action can be taken to fix is below:

  • Make sure your host is updated to latest ESXi version.
  • You can restart vpxa process in the host. Use commands /etc/init.d/vpxa restart to restart it.
  • You can try changing the virtual network adapter to another one and then back to original.

There are higher chance that it will fix your problem otherwise you should contact to your senior for the help.

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