Multiple Ways To Check Your WiFi or Internet Speed

In this blog, we are going to see the available option using which you can check your WiFi or Internet speed. Many times you need to check your internet speed because YouTube video is buffering or you are not able to browse any site.

Check-in Browser itself:

There are many websites available where you can check your internet speed. Just follow along with us. is super easy way to the wifi or internet speed. This is powered by Netflix itself. You would not see any kind of ads on the page. It has very nice user interface.

visit the site:

Once you on the site page, you will start measuring the internet speed. And the final result will be:

Your Internet Speed
Your Internet Speed

It will help you to get to know the download and upload speeds along with the Network latency. This is very easy and we always prefer to check our speed.

This is also one of the top site to check the internet speed.

Visit the site: SpeedTest

Once you on the site page, you will start measuring the internet speed. And the final result will be:

SpeedTest Internet Speed
SpeedTest Internet Speed


This is also one of the cool site to check the internet speed with download and upload speed data.

Visit the site: SpeedCheck

Once you click on start testing, it will start getting the results in-front of you.

SpeedCheck Internet speed
SpeedCheck Internet speed

Ping Command

Ping command also help us to see the results or reachability from between your computer to target site. It sends the packets and get back with accurate response. If the results are coming fast without any packet loss it means you have good connectivity.

How to test with Ping Command:

  1. Open run prompt by pressing ‘Win + R‘ in Windows PC.
  2. Enter CMD and click Ok
  3. Or directly search for command prompt in your search box at the taskbar.

Now you have opened the command prompt. Just type the below commands to see the output from it.


You can enter any site such as etc. The response will be as:

cmd results

Bing Search

You can also check you internet speed on Bing Search. You just need to type Speed Test in Bing search box and Click on start button to see the results.

Speed Test By Bing Search
Speed Test By Bing Search

There are many mobile application also available on Google Play store and Apple’s App Store that can help you to get internet speed. Here are few:

  • Speedtest by Ookla
  • Fast Speed Test
  • Free Internet speed test – SpeedTest Master
  • SpeedCheck Internet Speed Test

You can search for these apps and download for testing.

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