Introduction to VMware vSAN Data Persistence Platform (DPp)

Introduction to vSAN Data Persistence Platform

Recently Myles Gray, a Senior Technical Marketing Architect at VMware announced to VMware vSAN Data Persistence Platform(DPp) to Tanzu suite of products where it will try to fulfill the demands for applications changing in nature over the time.

Modern apps, in particular, those built to run on Kubernetes are designed to take care of availability, replication, scaling, encryption within themselves to become completely independent of the infrastructure. This poses a fresh new challenge for managing them and indeed raises some questions.

vSAN Data Persistence Platform (DPp) will help customers allow modern applications to do what they do best, but still provide the ease of use and transparent operations of the VMware platform to admins and developers.

The vSAN Data Persistence Platform was announced earlier this year during VMWorld, it is with vSphere 7.0 Patch 02, and provides initial availability of this new way to deliver apps from our partners on the platform, and you can test drive it for yourselves! Read on for an introduction to vSAN DPp!.

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