Introduction To VMware Blockchain

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VMware Blockchain is an enterprise-grade blockchain platform that enables multi-party workflows. It uses advanced techniques such as byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication, authenticated data structures, and integration with smart contract execution engines to enable customers to build and run multi-party decentralized applications. VMware Blockchain is now available.

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Key VMware Blockchain capabilities include:

  • Consistency of data in the blockchain and resilience of the system.
  • Maintain privacy and a verifiable single source of truth for all parties to avoid the need to reconcile data.
  • Integration with smart contract languages to allow application developers access to all features and the platform while providing familiar interfaces such as the DAML Ledger API.
  • Operational simplicity around deployment, observation, upgradeability, and supportability.
VMware Blockchain Architecture
VMware Blockchain Architecture

VMware Blockchain Features

Blockchain features can resemble sections of a computer science textbook. Here, we briefly describe VMware Blockchain features and explain how enterprises can benefit from these features: 

  • State Machine Replication: To ensure data consistency and resilience in even the most extreme failure scenarios, this Blockchain is built on Byzantine fault-tolerant state machine replication. Transactions coming into the platform are ordered through consensus and executed to change the state of the state machine. 
  • Privacy-aware Authenticated Key/Value Ledger: In order to prove facts about smart contracts on the platform and to allow access to a privacy-aware verifiable source of truth, VMware Blockchain stores the state of the blockchain in an authenticated key/value data structure. 
  • Deep Integration with DAML: With this release of this Blockchain, we support DAML dApps by natively integrating the DAML interpreter as a state machine in the platform. This gives customers developing DAML applications a consistent, highly available blockchain platform with a standard DAML Ledger API interface. We integrate and test these features, and VMware Blockchain production support includes support of the DAML interpreter and ledger API. 
  • Enterprise-grade Operational Capabilities: A consistent challenge that customers have shared with us is that deploying and supporting blockchain platforms is difficult and complex. With this, we reduce that complexity by leveraging the investment and familiarity enterprise customers already have in their existing software-defined infrastructure. Deployment of VMware Blockchain is simplified to a five-minute process, thanks to a user-friendly orchestration tool that instantiates nodes as virtual machines running on our core vSphere technology.

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