Installing vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller on Windows Machines

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We can install vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller(PSC), or vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller on a Windows virtual or physical machine. PSC helps us in SSO, Certificates, and Proxy services.

  1. Download the vCenter Server installer here.
  2. Mount the ISO image to the Windows virtual machine or physical server on which you want to install vCenter Server for Windows
  3. You need a database server. Most customers choose the windows SQL server. Another option is the Oracle database. For comprehensive go to VMware official blog here.
  4. Make sure your networking settings are properly configured.
  5. You are ready now to start the installation. Here is the layout of the vCenter with PSC.
vCenter Server with PSC

Between vCenter and virtual machine, PSC resides. The Platform Services Controller(PSC) was introduced in vSphere 6. PSC handles security functions such as vSphere Single Sign-on, licensing, tagging, global permission, custom roles, and certificates management. We have all set up in place, let’s begin the vCenter server installation with embedded PSC.

  1. In the software installer directory, double-click the autorun.exe file to start the installer.
  2. Select vCenter Server for Windows and click Install.
  3. Follow the prompts of the installation wizard to review the welcome page and accept the license agreement.
  4. Select vCenter Server and Embedded Platform Services Controller, and click Next.
  5. Enter the system network name, preferably an FQDN, and click Next. You can also enter an IP address. If you enter an IP address, provide a static IP address.
  6. Set up the new vCenter Single Sign-On domain and click Next.
  • Enter the domain name, for example, vsphere.local.
  • Set the password for the vCenter Single Sign-On administrator account.
  • This is the password for the user administrator@ your_domain_name. After installation, you can log in to vCenter Single Sign-On and to vCenter Server as adminstrator@vsphere.local
  • Enter the site name for vCenter Single Sign-On.

7. Select the vCenter Server service account and click Next.

8. Select the type of database that you want to use and click Next. Here you will get two options a) Use an embedded database (PostgreSQL), and b) Use external database, Select which suits your environment.

9. Accept the default port number and click Next

10.Change the default destination folders and click Next. This is optional.

11. Review the summary of the installation settings and click Install to start the installation. When the installation finishes click Launch vSphere Web Client to start the vSphere Web Client and log in to vCenter Server.

12. Finish the installation wizards.

This way you can install vCenter server with embedded platform services controller in your system. vCenter Server, the vCenter Server components, and the Platform Services Controller are installed.

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