IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

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IBM clouds also have a partnership with VMware to provide it’s associated service to the customers. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions makes it simpler for your organization to capitalize on the tremendous potential of the cloud. Customers can move toward cloud-native technologies, transform and modernize your existing VMware workloads in the cloud with AI and machine learning. You also can use future-proof the technology stack with Kubernetes(K8S) and develop/run the advanced applications on existing VMware utility. They call this collaboration IC4V(IBM Cloud for VMware).

“IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared (IC4V Shared) provides a cost-effective, self-service way to get started moving VMs to the cloud within minutes.”

-IBM Cloud Business Unit

Benefits to customers with IC4V-

  • Professional Expertise: IBM cloud is the one of world’s largest operators of VMware workloads, with over 15 years of experience.
  • Compute Capacity: Right-size infrastructure and performance, with over 100 bare-metal configurations
  • Better Security: Highest data-security certification in the industry, with “keep your own key” (KYOK

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared (IC4V Shared) uses VMware Cloud Director services which help you to move VMs to IBM cloud with scalability, capacity and security. You only have to pay for only what is actually used. This is a fully managed service by IBM Cloud. They will do up-gradation, patching, and keep underlying hypervisor healthy. You only have to focus on your application and its innovation.


VMware on IBM Cloud

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