How To View the Virtual Machine Configuration File Location in the vSphere Client

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Welcome to another rocking blog on VMware basics. We will guide you on how to View the Virtual Machine Configuration File Location in the vSphere Client. You can view the location of the virtual machine configuration and working files.

This is very basic because our virtual machines are made of different files and sometimes it is required to view the file location. It means we want to have a look on the file name and datastore.

We will be guiding through Virtual Machine settings.


  • Please check and verify that you are connected to the vCenter Server or ESXi host on which the virtual machine runs.
  • Please check and verify that you have access to the virtual machine in the vSphere Client inventory list.


  1. Find the virtual mahine in the vSphere Client inventory, and right-click the virtual machine or Action button and select Edit Settings.
virtual machine edit settings
virtual machine edit settings

2. Click the VM Options tab and select General Options.

virtual machine general options
virtual machine general options

3. Record the location of the configuration and VM working files and click OK to close the dialog box.

Generally while storage migration of a virtual machine we have to migrate the disks file along with the configuration file. Both needs to be on destination datastore in order to power on the virtual machine properly.


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