How To Transfer Files and Folders From ‘Shared With Me’ to ‘My Drive’

How To Transfer Files And Folders From 'Shared With Me' To 'My Drive'

In this article, we will show you How To Transfer Files And Folders From ‘Shared With Me’ To ‘My Drive’ in a very easy way. There would be many cases in which your friends, colleagues, or business partners may have shared files and folder in Google Drive with you. Those files are visible under the Shared With Me portion in the left pane of google drive. You can then download those files from there but sometimes it is not feasible to download all the files at that time but in the future, you may need to. In that case, you can easily transfer files and folder direct to your google drive from where you can access anytime in the future. We will show you how.

Transfer Files/Folders from Shared Folder to My Drive

To accomplish this task, please follow below steps:

Login to Google Drive in browser.

Go to Shared With Me folder.

Select File/Folder which you want to transfer to My Drive.

Press Shift + Z from keyboard.

A Sub-Menu will appear with some options.

Select first option My Drive and click on Add.

Congrats you have successfully transferred the shared files to your personal Google Drive.

Enjoy !

Source : Google

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