How To Get VMware ESXi Version From Command Line

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In this simple blog I’ll let you know the basic esxcli commands using which you can get the VMware ESXi software version. It is sometimes needed to know the exact version of ESXi software running in the hypervisor for troubleshooting or may be other technical purposes.

Steps To Get VMware ESXi Version From Command Line

  1. SSH the ESXi host
  2. Run the below command on the console:
vmware -vl

It will give you an output like:

ESXi Software Version
ESXi Software Version

The results contains:

  • VMware ESXi Software Version: 6.7.0
  • VMware ESXi Software Build: build-10764712
  • VMware ESXi Software Update: Update 1

You can also check the VMware ESXi Version in the VMware vSphere console and ESXi web client page. But If you love command-line tools then it would be comfortable for you.

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