How To Get Free Linux Terminal For 30 Minutes

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We have come to another great thing in this blog post. We will be guiding you on how you can get a Linux Machine Terminal free for a while.

This Linux Terminal would be benefited for users needed it for a few minutes for testing purpose or something else.

You have to the official website of Linux Containers Org.

This site basically serves projects like LXC, LXD and LXCFS. Their main goal is to offer a distro and vendor neutral environment for the development of Linux container technologies.

As per Linux Container Org,

“Our main focus is on system containers. That is, containers which offer an environment as close as possible as the one you’d get from a VM but without the overhead that comes with running a separate kernel and simulating all the hardware.”

Once you are on homepage of the site, scroll down a little bit and you will see option like below snap:


Next, Click on Try it button.

It will show you the terms and conditions page where you can see the server status.

Server Status - TechyGuy
Server Status

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and accept the terms and condition to start the Linux Terminal for free!

Start The Terminal - TechyGuy
Start The Terminal – TechyGuy

After starting it from here you will redirected to Linux Terminal.

Linux Container and Terminal
Linux Container and Terminal

You can enjoy the free terminal for 30 mins after starting once. You can also check for guidance or basic commands you can run here at the bottom of this page.

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