How To Configure Virtual Machines to Automatically Upgrade VMware Tools

VMware Tools for a Virtual Machine is a important part. VMware tools are the additional software utility that you can install in a virtual machine running on ESXi.

VMware tools contain additional drivers that provide better control over Virtual machines including drag-and-drop feature, time sync between machine to host, and network drivers to have smooth connectivity with host networking. It also solves the problem of Low Video resolution, Incorrect display of network speed, Restricted movement of mouse, and Missing sound.

VMware Tools
VMware Tools Overview

We should make sure to keep this updated as per your ESXi and Virtual machine compatibility.

You can check the VMware version-mapping file here. It shows which VMware tools is compatible to which ESXi versions.

Steps To Set Automatic VMware Tools Upgradation

  1. Login to the vCenter and search for the VM in inventory
  2. Click on Action button and Select Edit Settings
virtual machine edit settings
virtual machine edit settings

3. Click on VM option tab and click to expand VMware Tools

virtual machine vmware tools
virtual machine vmware tools

4. Now Select the Check Box saying ‘check and upgrade VMware Tools before each power on.

5. Click Ok to finish the wizard.

Now it will always check for the upgrade when you power on the virtual machine automatically. But If you do not want this feature you can uncheck the box.

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