How To Check System Uptime in Both Windows and Linux Machine

In your day to day operation, you sometimes need to know about what is the uptime of your servers or computers. We will be guiding you to get the system uptime for both Windows and Linux machines. This will also help you to get the last boot time of your system.

How to check uptime in Windows System?

Using Task Manager – Probably this is the simplest method to know the system uptime. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Right Click on your Task Bar in your computer
Windows System Taskbar
Windows System Taskbar

2. Once you open the Task Manager, Click on Performance Tab.

Windows System Uptime
Windows System Uptime via Task Manager

3. Now you can see the system Up time in the above window.

Using Command Prompt

You need to open the Command Prompt or PowerShell and run the command systeminfo | find “System Boot Time” and the output will be as below:

C:\Users\techyguy>systeminfo | find "System Boot Time"
System Boot Time:          10/4/2020, 9:14:57 AM
SystemInfo Uptime
SystemInfo Uptime

If you only run the commands systeminfo only, It will provide your complete system information such as Name, Network, Hotfixes, Processor and RAM etc.

Using Uptime.exe Utility

The uptime is a simple utility for Windows that can be used to quickly find out how long it’s been since the last restart. You need to download it from the NeoSmart website and put it in the system32 folder of your computer. Just double click on it to see the results.

uptime utility
uptime utility

Using Net Statistics Command

You can use Net Statistics commands to see the uptime. Just run the below commands in either CMD or PowerShell.

net statistics workstation or net statistics server
Net Statistics Workstation
Net Statistics Commands

Using WMIC

You can check system uptime by using below commands in your CMD or Powershell.

wmic path Win32_OperatingSystem get LastBootUpTime

The output will be similiar:


To understand it better, we can broke it further.

  • Year: 2020
  • Month: 10
  • Day: 04
  • Hour: 09
  • Minute: 14
  • Second: 57
  • Millisecond: 500000

How to check uptime in Linux System?

To find uptime of a Linux system, you may use one of any below commands.

  1. uptime – This command will let you know how longs the system is running.
uptime commands in Linux
uptime commands in Linux

2. top – Apart from resource statistics, it shows the system uptime.

top command in Linux
top command in Linux

3. w – This commands will let you know about logged in user information and system uptime

w commands in Linu
w commands in Linux

How to check uptime in VMware ESXi?

To check the uptime of a VMware ESXi hypervisor, Please refer our article below.

How To Check Uptime Of A VMware ESXi

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