How Do I Enable Function Keys On Dell Laptop Windows 10 – Fixed

In this blog, I’ll guide you on how you can enable Function Keys (Fn) on Dell or laptop. This is a very common issue when you buy new laptops or settings that are disabled. Let’s start enabling Function Keys on the Windows 10 machine.

Sometime function keys are important than Secondary Keys such as Voice, Brightness and Volume. And we want to enable it to use in our normal day to day operation. I’ll let you know the steps for the same.

You have to access BIOS or system settings on a Dell computer. Follow the below steps:

  1. Restart your computer/PC.
  2. During the boot process, press F12 to see the Boot menu.
  3. On the boot menu page, Use arrow keys and select the BIOS Setup, and hit enter.
Enter BIOS Setup
Enter BIOS Setup

4. You will be redirected to Setting page. Expand POST Behavior and Select Fn Lock Options.

Fn Keys Options
Fn Keys Options

5. Once you get the Fn Lock Options, would be able to see two option:

  • Lock Mode Disable/Standard
  • Lock Mode Disable/Secondary

Let’s explain these things.

Fn Lock Hot Keys

If enabled, lets the hot keys combination + toggle the primary behavior of F1-F12 between their standard and secondary functions. If unchecked, you can not dynamically toggle between primary and secondary keys.

Lock Mode Disable/Standard

The F1-F12 keys behave as function keys. Holding is required to access their secondary functions.

Lock Mode Disable/Secondary

The F1-F12 keys control the secondary functions. Holding is required to access its standard functions.

6. Now Check the Fn Lock and Select Lock Mode Enable/Secondary and click on ‘Apply‘.

FN Key disable-enable
FN Key disable-enable

7. Save the setting and exit also let it boot from the hard drive. Once the computer is up, you will be able to use the F1-F12 function keys.

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