Google Cloud VMware Engine

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On May 14, 2020, Google Cloud has announced a new service with the partnership of VMware. This is called “Google Cloud VMware Engine: Accelerating your cloud journey”, As per Google Cloud and said, “We’re excited to announce Google Cloud VMware Engine, a fully-managed native VMware-as-a-Service offering, will be available this quarter.“

The VMware and Google Cloud partnership delivers an open platform to ensure consistent deployment, operations, and security for cloud-native applications across multi-cloud environments, further they added.

“With VMware on Google Cloud, customers will be able to leverage all of the familiarity and investment protection of VMware tools and training as they execute on their cloud strategies and rapidly bring new services to market and operate them seamlessly and more securely across a hybrid cloud environment.”

-Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operations Officer, VMware

There are many benefits from this partnership with VMware such as-

  • Seamlessly migrate your existing VMware workloads
  • Customer can easily run and manage VMware infrastructure in Google cloud
  • This offering provides a Fully integrated experience of VMware with Google cloud
  • Customers can maintain consistent operation without facing critical challenges.
  • Customers can use automation to control access, apply the policy, and many more.

Google Cloud VMware Engine, an integrated first-party offering with end-to-end support to migrate and run your VMware environment in Google Cloud. This fully managed service is expected to be generally available this quarter out of two US regions and later around the globe.

“VMware and Google Cloud are working together to help power customers’ multi-cloud strategies, and the new Google Cloud VMware Engine will enable our mutual customers to drive digital transformation and business resiliency using the same VMware Cloud Foundation running in their data centers today, Google Cloud VMware Engine enables organizations to quickly deploy their VMware environment in Google Cloud, delivering scale, agility and access to cloud-native services while leveraging the familiarity and investment in VMware tools and training.” 

Ajay Patel, senior vice president and general manager, cloud provider business VMware

This offering is based on VMware Cloud Foundation(VCF), which included VMware vSphere, vCenter, NSX, vSAN, vRealize, and HCX cloud migration tools. Now you can easily extend your VMware infrastructure to Google cloud environment directly from Google cloud console in a minute. This allows you to seamlessly migrate to the cloud without the cost or any kind of complexity. You can run and manage workloads with your on-premises environment. By running your VMware workloads on Google Cloud, you reduce your operational burden while benefiting from scale and agility, and maintain continuity with your existing tools, policies, and processes. 

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