Degraded Storage Path Redundancy On The VMware ESXi Host

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We will check for the possible solutions on the alert of Degraded Storage Path Redundancy On The VMware ESXi Host.

We know that there are different multi-pathing options are available when interacting with a storage device, there might be a situation where one or more than one of these paths might not be available for the ESXi Host.

At no point in time, even if the VMware connectivity to the back-end device is lost, other available paths can still be leveraged and communication with them should still continue, and there would not be any impact to the VMs. However, there could still be a dip observed in the VM’s overall performance.

Error Message

An alert can be seen in the vSphere console similar to below:

"Degraded Storage Path Redundancy"

The Task and Events tab of the ESXi host on the vSphere Client reports the error similar to:

Path redundancy to storage device naa.6009800043346534645a433967325764 degraded. Path vmhba3:C0:T1:L1 is down. Affected datastores: vSANDatastore.


Lost access to volume 5c784594-db4be3e2-5618-0017a4770014 (vSANDatastore) due to connectivity issues. A recovery attempt is in progress and the outcome will be reported shortly.

The above error message indicates that of the different multi-pathing options in place to interact with the device “naa.6009800043346534645a433967325764”, only one path “vmhba3:C0:T1:L1” is down, and this path is no longer usable.

To Breaking down the specifics of this path – vmhba3:C0:T1:L1, you can see several interaction points (or potential failure points):
vmhba3 – HBA (Host Bus Adapter)
C0 – Channel 0
T1 – Target 1 (Storage Processor or Storage Controller Port)
L1 – LUN 1 (Logical Unit Number or Disk Unit)


  1. Make a rescan for the storage. ( Right click on the host -> Storage -> Rescan Storage).
  2. Check if the affected LUNs are visible to the host or not. ( Configure -> Storage Devices).
  3. As per VMware, “Majority of the time, this issue occurs due to some form of miscommunication taking place between the device driver and firmware versions of the PCI devices being used to interact with the storage devices.” Hence Check with your Storage Team for any issues from their side.
  4. Check HBA and NIC driver version and firmware version compatibility here.

That’s all for now which can checked to fixed the issue of Degraded Storage Path Redundancy with the ESXi host.

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