What is VMware RDM?

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VMware RDM stands for Raw Device Mapping. An RDM is a mapping file in a separate VMFS volume that acts as a proxy for a raw physical storage device. The RDM allows a virtual machine to directly access and use the storage device. It enables a storage LUN(Logical Unit Number) to be directly presented to … Read more

Top 90+ VMware Interview Questions And Answers

VMware Interview Questions and Answers

Today we are going to discuss top VMware interview questions and its answers mostly asked in any VMware interview duration. This will help freshers. Let us know about your feedback once it is useful for you. We have collected these questions and answers based on our own experience because we have given so may interview … Read more

VMware and Blue Medora TVS Acquisitions

VMware and Blue Medora

VMware has an ongoing commitment to help its customers and partners transform their businesses. Through strategic acquisitions, they are expanding and enhancing their product lines to offer full suites of products that deliver a more dynamic, scalable, integrated, and efficient architecture. Going to the path VMware has acquired Blue Medora.  VMware vRealize Operations provides predictive … Read more

Unable To Take Snapshot Of The SCSI bus sharing disk Virtual Machines


If you are unable to take Snapshot of the SCSI bus sharing disk of a virtual machine, you should check out this article. We will cover all possible failure causes and their solutions. Error Messages Device ‘SCSI controller 1’ is a SCSI controller engaged in bus-sharing Snapshot creation failed: Virtual machine is configured to use … Read more

What is VMware Cloud Foundation?


VMware Cloud Foundation(VCF) is the hybrid cloud platform developed by VMware and it is built on the top of full-stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure(HCI) technology. This has a uniform architecture that helps in easy deployment, simple management, and securely scale between public cloud and private cloud. This suits better for hybrid cloud infrastructure. VMware Cloud Foundation is … Read more

VMware Acquired Datrium To Provide Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service For Hybrid Cloud


Recently VMware Inc announced that It has acquired Datrium. Datrium provides cloud-native disaster recovery services. It will help VMware to enable their customer to use cost-optimized Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that can be rapidly deployed and managed as a hybrid cloud service. As per VMware’s partner offering Datrium is already providing DRaaS … Read more

VMware hands-on lab HOL Free


VMware provides an extensive range of hands-on labs(HOL) for the users. You just have to go to the VMware Hands-on Labs website and register yourself with your Gmail or corporate email address. It will help you to test drive VMware products in minutes. Hands-on Lab allows you to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware … Read more

VMware-Based Cloud Technology on Alibaba Cloud


Recently in a blog post, Alibaba Group-backed Alibaba Cloud has announced the support of VMware on its cloud environment. With Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution, you can modernize their existing applications and build the new applications into the Alibaba Cloud. As per data Initially, this service is available only in mainland China and the Hong Kong … Read more