Can’t See The WiFi Network SSID In The Windows 10 Systems

The WiFi connection could be a very common problem for the system that it cannot see the WiFi networks SSID(WiFi Name) in the windows systems. It does not matter about your brands like Dell, HP, or Lenovo. Recently I faced the same problem.

I have a Dell laptop with intel core i5 8th Gen and it got some updates in the previous month. When I was trying to connect it with my new Router and WiFi it always created a problem until it got final fixed.

For the WiFi, It was not showing me the Wi-Fi name aka SSID first but when shown thrown error ‘cannot connect to the network‘ try again. And for the Physical Network Adapter(NIC), After connecting it I have to reset the network adapter with admin credentials which were a very tedious job for me.

I tried to google it but the search response was not that satisfying to me as my problem remains active. Today I’ll go through the steps by using which you can fix this issue.

First you should try the basic and primary troubleshooting steps such as:

  • Restart your PC or Computer.
  • Restart your router.
  • Reset the router.
  • Toggle the WiFi switch on Windows 10 from the Action Center.
  • Connect to the network from any other device.
  • Disable and enable the WiFi and Network Adapters
  • Update your WiFi Drivers using the steps mentioned below.

You may refer below articles to fix above issues:

If these above method does not work and the issue remains same so come to follow below steps.

Step 1

Download and Install Updated Version Of Wireless (WiFI) Network Driver

You should download and install a fresh and updated version of the wireless network driver according to your PC brand. You just need to find the model number of your PC and search on your manufacturer’s website to download it.

To uninstall the wireless and adapter (wifi) driver from your PC follow below steps:

  1. Press Windows key+S. Now, type “devmgmt“.
  2. Now Click on the “Device Manager” in the search results.
  3. In the Device Manager window, find “Network Adapters“. Expand by clicking on it.
  4. Under Network Adapter, Select Wireless 802.11bqn Adapter and Right Click and select Uninstall device.
  5. Click on the check box asking for removing it from the system and Click Ok.

It will remove the Wireless Network Adapter and Drivers. Now you can download and install Microsoft xx.exe file in your system.

Step 2

Update the BIOS

Yes, To fix this problem permanently you need to update the BIOS of your system. This is the main reason the Wi-Fi and Physical Adapters are not working properly. Similarly, you can also download the BIOS setup from the manufacturer site of the PC. We have written a nice blog on How To Update Your Computer BIOS and you can follow the same. Other article you can follow to update your computer BIOS are:

Once you have followed step 1 and step 2, Give a final reboot to your Computer, Router and other associated devices. Then try to connect it again with Wi-Fi, you would be able to do the same. Let me know if you still face any problems.

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