All About VMware vSphere 7 Update 1

It is very exciting for VMware administrators that this time they have got much more than expected ever from VMware in vSphere 7 Update 1.

Recently VMware has announced VMware Cloud Foundation at Full Stack SDDC along with the VMware Tanzu in March of 2020. This time VMware has announced vSphere 7 Update 1 to introduces VMware vSphere with VMware Tanzu and many other key innovations.

With vSphere U1 now Customers can modernize their workload very quickly running on VMware vSphere infrastructure. VMware vSphere with Tanzu is the fastest way to get started with Kubernetes workloads on a developer-ready infrastructure.

The Key Highlights With vSphere 7 U1

Developer Ready Infrastructure

vSphere with Tanzu plays an important role to configure and manage enterprise Kubernetes within your existing networking system. There are other associated services such as:

  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG) service
  • Bring Your Own Networking
  • Bring Your Own Load Balancer
  • Application-focused management
  • Bring Your Own Storage

Scaling Without Compromise

VMware vSphere 7 Update 1 Scaling
VMware vSphere 7 Update 1 Scaling

vShpere will be able to provide better ability to meet your higher demand for the resources such as more CPU and RAM power to your VM. Now Host limits can be expanded in vSphere 7 to allow up to 768 CPUs and now with update 1 to support 24TB of RAM. This will help more efficiently enhance your VM power. It includes following services:

  • Monster VMs – For high performance systems with more RAMs and CPUs.
  • Cluster scale enhancements – You can use 96 hosts in cluster.

Simplify Operation

VMware vSphere Life Cycle
VMware vSphere Life Cycle

Along with the new services and capability the management of these monsters must be easy so VMware has introduced following services to control overall life cycle.

  • vSphere Lifecycle Manager
  • vSphere Ideas
  • vCenter Connect

For getting more insights to this you may refer VMware vSphere Blog.

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