About VMware Skyline Health Diagnostic Tool

Recently VMware launched a new tool known as Skyline Health Diagnostic Tool. This tool will provide extensive range of support and recommendations by analyzing the logs. The skyline health diagnostic is purely based on logs analysis and recommendations.

This tool will reduce the troubleshooting time as well as the downtime by providing instant overview of your issues. It will improve the support experience for the customers.


VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics for vSphere is a self-service tool to detect issues using log bundles and suggest the KB remediate the issue. vSphere administrators can use this tool for troubleshooting issues before contacting the VMware Support. This tool is free of cost to use with the vSphere.


As VMware administrator, One can be benefited by below service:

  • Based on symptoms, VMware Skyline Health Diagnostics provides a Knowledge Base article or remediation steps to resolve the issue.
  • Self-service improves the time to get the recommendations to resolve the issue.
  • Quick recommendation helps to get the infrastructure back from failure and ensures that the business runs with less disruption.
  • Just upload the logs and get the recommendations and solutions.

For installation and configuration steps, please refer the below article.

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