Disable Clipboard Redirection Multiple Servers PowerShell

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Clipboard Redirection Applies to Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019. Clipboard redirection is the sharing of clipboard contents between a remote computer and client computer during a Remote Desktop session. You can use this setting to prevent users from redirecting Clipboard data to and from the remote computer and the local computer. … Read more

Managing pagefile in windows servers

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The Windows page file is the extra RAM you get from your Hard disk. Yes, Windows uses a page file to store data that can’t be held by your computer’s random-access memory when it fills up. A pagefile is a reserved portion of a hard disk that is used as an extension of random access memory (RAM). … Read more

Unable To Take Snapshot Of The SCSI bus sharing disk Virtual Machines


If you are unable to take Snapshot of the SCSI bus sharing disk of a virtual machine, you should check out this article. We will cover all possible failure causes and their solutions. Error Messages Device ‘SCSI controller 1’ is a SCSI controller engaged in bus-sharing Snapshot creation failed: Virtual machine is configured to use … Read more

What is VMware Cloud Foundation?


VMware Cloud Foundation(VCF) is the hybrid cloud platform developed by VMware and it is built on the top of full-stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure(HCI) technology. This has a uniform architecture that helps in easy deployment, simple management, and securely scale between public cloud and private cloud. This suits better for hybrid cloud infrastructure. VMware Cloud Foundation is … Read more

VMware Acquired Datrium To Provide Disaster Recovery-As-A-Service For Hybrid Cloud


Recently VMware Inc announced that It has acquired Datrium. Datrium provides cloud-native disaster recovery services. It will help VMware to enable their customer to use cost-optimized Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution that can be rapidly deployed and managed as a hybrid cloud service. As per VMware’s partner offering Datrium is already providing DRaaS … Read more

59 Banned Chinese Apps and their alternatives

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Today we have compiled a list of all the 59 banned Chinese apps and their alternatives available in the market. Check Out The List Below: S. No. Applications Alternatives 1  APUS Browser Chrome, Mozilla, JioBrowser 2  Baidu map Google Maps, Microsoft Maps 3  Baidu Translate Google Translate, Hinglish 4  Beauty Plus B612 – Beauty & … Read more