Google Cloud Launches Confidential Computing with Confidential VMs

Google Cloud Confidential VM

Recently Google held a virtual Google Cloud Next conference and launched Confidential computing with confidential VMs. Google cloud building such products to build trust with the customer to move their sensitive infrastructure to Google Cloud. It also ensures the security of their VMs and application in Google Cloud with end-to-end encryption. “At Google, we believe … Read more

Top 90+ VMware Interview Questions And Answers

VMware Interview Questions and Answers

Today we are going to discuss top VMware interview questions and its answers mostly asked in any VMware interview duration. This will help freshers. Let us know about your feedback once it is useful for you. We have collected these questions and answers based on our own experience because we have given so may interview … Read more

How To Remove Internet Download Manager (IDM) Completely From Windows Registry

internet download manager

Today we will show you how you can use the Internet Download Manager trial version again and again without any issues. Generally, when you download the free version of IDM from the internet, it will ask to buy the product after 30 days and you no longer can use the free version anymore. If you … Read more

Google Cloud Wins Contract Deal From Renault

Google Cloud Platform

The big news is coming from the Google Cloud newsroom. Google Cloud has won a major contract deal from Renault, a French-based car making company. Google will be providing it’s cloud services to Renault specifically in automation and robotics to improve the performance and production of the Company. Google Cloud will collect data from Renault … Read more

How To Format USB Drive In FAT32 File System

format in fat32 file system

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the TechyGuy. A File system is a way the operating system identifies how to store data on a device and what type of data can be stored on a particular device. For example length of filenames, permissions, and other attributes.Windows supports three different file systems which are NTFS, FAT32, and … Read more

VMware and Blue Medora TVS Acquisitions

VMware and Blue Medora

VMware has an ongoing commitment to help its customers and partners transform their businesses. Through strategic acquisitions, they are expanding and enhancing their product lines to offer full suites of products that deliver a more dynamic, scalable, integrated, and efficient architecture. Going to the path VMware has acquired Blue Medora.  VMware vRealize Operations provides predictive … Read more

Edutech Startup The Unacademy has Acquired Chandigarh Based Company PrepLadder

Unacademy and PrepLadder Acquisition

The Facebook backed edutech startup the Unacademy has acquired the Chandigarh-based edutech startup PrepLadder for $50 million. The PrepLadder was founded by Deepanshu Goyal and Vitul Goyal in 2015. PrepLadder basically focuses on preparation for medical entrance exams through its web portal. Unacademy, founded by Roman Saini is an educator, motivational speaker, and former IAS … Read more