Apple WWDC20 New Announcements – All You Need To Know !

Apple's iOS 14

On June 22, 2020, Apple has organized its annual Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC20) keynote virtually and announced various upcoming major software product upgrades and its features. It was streamed online and the first time without any sitting audience in their auditorium. There were really some big releases at this time from Apple. We are going to … Read more

VMware hands-on lab HOL Free


VMware provides an extensive range of hands-on labs(HOL) for the users. You just have to go to the VMware Hands-on Labs website and register yourself with your Gmail or corporate email address. It will help you to test drive VMware products in minutes. Hands-on Lab allows you to evaluate the features and functionality of VMware … Read more

7 Layers Of Network – OSI Model Explained

Today we will talk about Network Layers in a very simple language. These seven layers are logical representations of a network, which basically designed for troubleshooting network problems. After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of these layers. Let’s Begin… 7. Application Layer The application layer directly interacts with User. You can … Read more

VMware-Based Cloud Technology on Alibaba Cloud


Recently in a blog post, Alibaba Group-backed Alibaba Cloud has announced the support of VMware on its cloud environment. With Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution, you can modernize their existing applications and build the new applications into the Alibaba Cloud. As per data Initially, this service is available only in mainland China and the Hong Kong … Read more

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions


IBM clouds also have a partnership with VMware to provide it’s associated service to the customers. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions makes it simpler for your organization to capitalize on the tremendous potential of the cloud. Customers can move toward cloud-native technologies, transform and modernize your existing VMware workloads in the cloud with AI and … Read more

Azure VMware Solution


Azure VMware Solution is a Microsoft service, verified by VMware, that runs on Azure infrastructure and provide VMware’s native services to Azure. Now you can run your VMware workloads natively on Azure. You can move or extend an on-premises VMware environment to Azure and can take the benefits of both technologies. With this partnership, you … Read more

VMware Cloud on AWS


VMware and AWS have three years of long partnership and engineering together they offer organizations a faster, secure path to the cloud. With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can migrate datacenters to the cloud for rapid datacenter evacuation, disaster recovery, and application modernization. VMware Cloud on AWS delivers VMware’s enterprise-class SDDC(Software-defined data center) software to … Read more

Google Cloud VMware Engine


On May 14, 2020, Google Cloud has announced a new service with the partnership of VMware. This is called “Google Cloud VMware Engine: Accelerating your cloud journey”, As per Google Cloud and said, “We’re excited to announce Google Cloud VMware Engine, a fully-managed native VMware-as-a-Service offering, will be available this quarter.“ The VMware and Google … Read more