AZ-900 Free Exam Practice Questions – Part 2

azure fundamentals practice test free

If you are preparing for Microsoft AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals exam and want to practice for the exam questions for better preparation. Welcome! you are in right place. My name is Amandeep Singh and I have completed my Azure Fundamentals certification recently. So today I will share some important azure 900 questions to practice if … Read more

Scheduling Tasks In Windows – GUI, PowerShell & Command Prompt

windows task schedulers

Task Scheduler is a component of Microsoft Windows that provides the ability to schedule the launch of programs or scripts at pre-defined times or after specified time intervals: job scheduling. Scheduling Tasks In Windows allows the user to create and run any task or script automatically on any particular date and time or when any … Read more

Module CPUID Power On Failed

Module CPUID Power On Failed

In this blog, we’ll discuss the Module CPUID Power On Failed error and steps to fix this error for the virtual machine. The complete error looks like this: Error: Task failed on the server: Module ‘CPUID’ power on failed or failed to power on virtual machine module ‘cpuid’ power on failed. in the vSphere console, … Read more

New VMware PowerCLI Home Page and Documentation

VMware PowerCLI Homepage

VMware PowerCLI We all know, VMware PowerCLI is the tool millions of customers around the world use to manage and automate their VMware environments. In order to modernize the documentation VMware has made huge changes in the UI/UX of PowerCLI Home Page and its documentation. It is now more organized and easy to navigate various … Read more

How to expand raid 5 in dell servers using omsa on the fly?

In this blogpost we’ll see how to expand raid 5 in dell servers using omsa on the fly. Dell RAID 5 arrays can be expanded or converted online via the Reconfigure command within Dell OpenManage(OMSA). You can also do it via BIOS but you have to shutdown the servers. As we all know a RAID … Read more

VMware Ports and Protocols tools

VMware Ports and Protocols

Let’s have a look at VMware Ports and Protocols tools and their benefits for the users. It helps you to discover what Ports are needed by VMware Products and Solutions. The VMware Ports and Protocols tool is a portal that enables you to view all the ports needed by various VMware products, solutions, and services … Read more